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Stamford's fast-paced growth is obvious, especially in the Downtown and Greater Downtown Stamford area where there are 810 newly built homes, completed in 2020-2022. There are more than 1500 units under construction and 1174 are planned to be built in 2023.

New developments in Stamford include more affordable units than any other town in Fairfield County, but a great number of newly built luxury apartments are also easy to find, especially in coastline areas like South End.

In neighborhoods like Downtown and the South End coastal neighborhood, the growth is outstanding, and you can easily see how much has been built since 2010 in these areas, but all Stamford neighborhoods are growing steadily, according to S&P Global Ratings, gaining a lot, both in new residential construction as well as newly built commercial units.

The East Side area is also being revitalized with several projects currently under construction, anticipated to be completed in 2024-2025.

In some of the best waterfront areas like The Cove and Shippan, you can find many torn down and rebuilt homes, and also new construction single-family homes, some of them boasting private beaches or direct beachfront.

North Stamford, although less developed compared to other areas, has also gained several new construction projects since 2020, mostly single-family homes.

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