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About the Town

Fairfield is a town on Connecticut’s Gold Coast and one of the best places to live in New England. Established in 1634 by Roger Ludlow, who bought the land from the Native inhabitants, the town’s population grew and supported itself through agriculture and fishing, as well as local and regional commerce. From the land that was originally established as Fairfield, many towns emerged over the years- Redding, Westport, Weston and Norwalk. In the early 1800s, the railroad came to town and the agricultural community quickly changed to a middle-class one. As the munitions industry developed in nearby towns, Fairfield witnessed a large influx of workers who bought land and moved here, increasing the town’s population.
Today, Fairfield has grown into a powerful Connecticut town, and is known for the incredible facilities and opportunities that it provides. From areas with modest homes to some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country- Southport and Greenfield Hills- Fairfield has everything you could wish for in a town. Besides being one of the greatest seaside communities in Connecticut, there are several areas in Fairfield where large corporations, like General Electric- have their headquarters. Known as “The Dogwood Capital” of the world, the town offers great transportation services, a variety of job opportunities, and enough facilities to fit everyone’s needs.
When it comes to recreational facilities, the town of Fairfield is definitely a winner. With five beaches, a beautiful lake, a Marina, and a great number of golf courses and country clubs, residents have everything they need close at hand. In addition, the town is mainly concerned with children’s future and it offers outstanding educational opportunities, from elementary schools to universities, everything in Fairfield is top notch. Besides, many sports programs are available on the town’s tennis courts, and the local YMCA locations. If you are one to like the more agitated lifestyle and can’t live without shopping or sipping your favorite coffee all day long, don’t worry; plenty of trendy shops, wine shops, coffee shops, restaurants and even antique stores are available in town.
Living in Fairfield is amazing, as it is a town that offers both modern resources to improve your life, but also opportunities for relaxation, culture, art, and general growth. Whether you prefer a modest location or an expensive neighborhood, Fairfield has so much to offer that it is impossible not to like it.

Fairfield Demographic Details :

  • Area: 59,031
  • Population: 59,031
  • Households: 20,880

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$ 374

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Top Neighborhoods

Most expensive neighborhood Southport $ 1.18M median price
Most affordable neighborhood Brooklawn $ 470K median price
With most homes on the market Fairfield Beach 34 homes for sale
With most recently sold homes University 108 sold in last 90 days

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Fairfield Beach

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Greenfield Hills

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