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Danbury, Connecticut, also known as “Hat City” is a lovely town in northern Fairfield County. Being the seventh largest city in Connecticut, Danbury draws attention to the powerful mix of cultures and socio-economic levels that give the town its diversity. In its early days, Danbury was an agricultural community, but as time went by it became more and more industrialized. Even today there are lots of small companies and corporate headquarters such as Praxair and Ethan Allen Industries, located here.

In the past, Danbury was known as “Bean Town” because it dealt mostly with growing beans and vegetables that were later sold in Norwalk. During the American Revolution, Danbury was an important military supply warehouse for the Continental Army, but was ultimately burned and destroyed by the British. A few years later, the first hat factory opened in Danbury, with only three employees. From this moment, the town of Danbury went on an ascending path, hat making became one of the major industries in town, and more than 30% of all hats in the United States were made here. Although after World War II people started wearing fewer hats, the town of Danbury will always remain “Hat City”. In 1852, the railroad came to town, allowing it to grow and expand in areas where there was little to no population.

Today, Danbury is considered one of the safest cities to live in, and it offers residents the opportunity to enjoy a superior and modern lifestyle. The variety of parks, lakes, and golf courses make it perfect for recreation, while the many museums and cultural centers give the town’s residents plenty of opportunities for artistic and cultural growth and entertainment. Candlewood Lake is the biggest manmade lake in New England, and a very popular tourist attraction. In addition to this, Danbury Symphony, the Danbury Museum, the Danbury Historical Society, and Danbury Fair, now Danbury Mall, are all proof that this town has something to offer for everyone. The educational system in Danbury is truly outstanding, with a great mix of private and public institutions.

Danbury offers many residential options, from sophisticated homes to elegant condos, with spectacular views over the beautiful antique houses located in the northern parts of the city. It is a fun place to live, to work, and experience a relaxed, and comfortable lifestyle, having all the modern resources you need at hand.

Danbury Demographic Details:

Homes for Sale

latest added
22 Oct '21

median price
$ 449K

price / sq. ft.
$ 248

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605 HOMES SOLD / past 6 months
latest sold
22 Oct '21

avg. on market
123 days

sale / list ratio

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Homes Styles & Types

home types active
Single Family 118 $ 556K
Condos 97 $ 445K
Multi Family 21 $ 577K
home styles active
Townhouse 86 $ 470K
Antique 2 $ 459K
Contemporary 10 $ 690K
Colonial 34 $ 853K
Cottage 5 $ 340K
premium active
Waterfront 31 $ 669K
Luxury 2 $ 3.53M
Mansions 1 $ 3.20M

Homes for Sale in Danbury Market Analysis

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$95,000 Search cheapest homes

Dollars on market

$ 121M

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Biggest home

9,559 square feet
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Average home surface

2,130 square feet

Median home surface

1,904square feet

Smallest home

443 square feet
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Homes for Rent

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19 Oct '21
median price
$ 1.8K
price / sq. ft.
$ 2

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111 HOMES RENTED / past 6 months
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92 days

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Danbury, CT has 16 neighborhoods.
Explore them and find the best place to live!

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Top Neighborhoods

Most expensive neighborhood Miry Brook $ 999K median price
Most affordable neighborhood Marjerie Manor $ 292K median price
With most homes on the market Aunt Hack 66 homes for sale
With most recently sold homes City Center 181 sold in last 90 days

Best Selling Neighborhoods

City Center

The bustling town center provides plenty of opportunities for residents. In the summer, be sure to catch a concert on the green!

181 homes recently sold see neighborhood

Aunt Hack

This neighborhood was named after "Aunt Hack," a woman who worked on a family farm on the hill.

120 homes recently sold see neighborhood

Great Plain

This beautiful neighborhood is located near Candlewood Lake, making it easy to boat, fish, and golf!

91 homes recently sold see neighborhood

Shelter Rock

This small neighborhood features the Shelter Rock Winery, where you can make your own wine.

88 homes recently sold see neighborhood

Stadley Rough

Located along Candlewood Lake, this neighborhood provides beautiful views and a great summer getaway for residents.

66 homes recently sold see neighborhood

Condo Complexes

Danbury, CT has 104 condo complexes.
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Top Condo Complexes

Park Ridge South


Unit Styles
Contemporary, Townhouse

1, 2, 3

Year built
1985, 1986

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Babbling Brook


Unit Styles


Year built

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The Knoll


Unit Styles
Townhouse, Colonial

2, 3

Year built
2004, 2005

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20 Windy Ridge Place Wilton, CT 06897

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