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This charming neighborhood has worked hard to preserve the historical and rural quality of this area.
11 homes
$ 730K median price

East Norwalk

This diverse neighborhood is considered more down to earth than South Norwalk, and is not far from a variety of beaches.
12 homes
$ 557K median price

Harbor Shores

Located along the harbor's coast in South Norwalk, there are plenty of beach views.
1 home
$ 553K median price

Harbor View

Originally a summer vacation spot, this island neighborhood has a variety of homes.
1 home
$ 1.13M median price

Marvin Beach

This neighborhood has beautiful views as it overlooks the Norwalk Harbor.
$ 1.08M median price


This beautiful neighborhood is located along the Long Island Sound, providing plenty of water views and easy access to the beach.
10 homes
$ 1.63M median price

South Norwalk (SoNo)

Known locally as SoNo, this part of town is well known for its restaurants and nightlife. The Maritime Aquarium also provides entertainment for all ag...
25 homes
$ 383K median price

Village Creek

Residents of this historic community have access to a private beach, marina, and tennis courts.
1 home
$ 1.65M median price

West Norwalk

A mainly residential area, there are many large stores located nearby. Also home to Norwalk Community College.
12 homes
$ 660K median price

West Rocks

This lovely neighborhood features a variety of affordable homes and neighborhoods.
7 homes
$ 550K median price

Wilson Point

Spanning just over 150 acres, Wilson Point has properties ranging from contemporary to large and spacious Tudor styles, with beautiful waterfront views.
1 home
$ 975K median price

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