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About the Neighborhood

Map of Lambert Corners Neighborhood, in Wilton CT
Map of Lambert Corners Neighborhood

Lambert Corners is the result of a successful modern renovation project by the Historical Society, as with its resources it has managed to preserve and restore seventeen structures that were originally built in the 18th and 19th centuries.

This spot serves a quaint gateway into Wilton, as it sports multiple historic buildings scattered across a four acre lot. These buildings have all been professionally restored from their glory days and now contain apartments, retail stores, and offices.

Lambert House, Wilton’s oldest dwelling was purchased in 1965 and was briefly the first headquarters of the Society and the Heritage museum. These headquarters were moved farther north in 1970.

Walking tours are available at these beautiful local treasures, and they include a visit to the Lambert House, Lambert Cottage, Kent District School, Hurlbutt Street Country Store & Post Office, and even more beautiful preserved buildings.

Truly a local gem, this little area in Wilton is known for its ability to remaster the old and make it something that is really worth a visit, and offers a viewing with your own eyes.

20 Windy Ridge Place Wilton, CT 06897